Bulk Fuel Storage & Distribution Systems

Project Construction of a bulk fuel storage system consisting of TTOF Site (ECP-1), diesel fuel transfer line from the TTOF site to the South Tank Farm Site, South Tank Farm and the North Tank Farm inside Bagram Air Base and a TS-1 fuel transfer line from the North Tank Farm to the South Tank Farm
Client United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)
Location Begram Air Field, Afghanistan

Contrack constructed a bulk fuel storage system at the Begram Air Field in Afghanistan, one of several projects awarded by the USACE in the country. Contrack has been a top USACE contractor for over a decade.


At the TTOF site the scope of work is comprised of a 10,000 gallon diesel drop tank, transfer pumps, and loading and unloading truck positions. At the South Tank Farm, the scope of work includes construction of one 420,000 gallon JP-8 cut and cover storage facility, including pump house.  Work also included construction of two 250,000 gallon DF-2 cut and cover storage tanks with fill stands.

At the North Tank Farm, the scope of work included construction of three 1,050,000 gallon TS-1 cut and cover storage tanks, including pump house for each tank, and a filter control facility. Work will also include a transfer line from the South Tank Farm to the North Tank Farm bag farm, storage tanks, pump house, filter building and six fill stands

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