We are responsible for the safety of our employees and are fully committed to providing a safe and unpolluted working environment that meets the most stringent international benchmarks. Our goal is to achieve leadership in safety and occupational health standards in the regions in which we operate by fostering a culture of 'zero accidents' at all of our construction sites.

We have integrated this goal into our corporate values, and into the programs and policies of each of our businesses, joint ventures and on our construction sites. Safety is considered an integral part of quality control, cost reduction and efficiency, and we are committed to providing resources to enable this.

Our corporate Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) policy is based on the following principles:

  • Identification and evaluation of all HSE hazards or aspects and the management of their risks or impacts to acceptable levels
  • Compliance with all applicable HSE legislation
  • Prevention of accidents, injuries and pollution
  • Intolerance of the conditions and behaviours that contribute to incidents or injuries
  • Reduction of waste and conservation or resources
  • Recording and communicating HSE performance throughout the company
  • Continual improvement of HSE performance

Orascom Construction PLC's management upholds these principles and the management and supervisory personnel at each business unit and location is responsible for implementing and maintaining an HSE management system necessary to ensure compliance with these principles.

Safe construction sites

Each of our construction brands has developed stringent rules and regulations that are implemented and enforced on all projects and tailored to meet the unique environments of the locations in which they operate.

Prior to the start of any construction project, a safety and accident prevention plan is prepared stating the health and safety rules to be applied in the project, how to conduct safe work, and preserve personnel, property, and equipment. The plan includes an activity hazard analysis to address the different hazards associated with the work and the means of preventing them from happening. All our subcontractors are required to abide by the same rules and regulations.

Employees are provided ongoing continuous safety training during projects, beginning with an induction session prior to arriving on site. Weekly tool-box meetings are conducted to keep the workers aware of the safety hazards associated with their specific tasks. Safety personnel are trained and certified by recognized international safety organizations, including OSHA and NEBOSH.

We provide materials, tools, equipment, and to the best of our ability a hazard-free environment to ensure all tasks can be safely completed. No person shall be required or instructed to work in surroundings or under conditions that are unsafe or dangerous to their health. Each worker is responsible for complying with applicable safety requirements, wearing prescribed safety equipment, and preventing avoidable accidents. Each employee has a duty to report workplace conditions or practices that pose a safety hazard or threaten the environment and to take reasonable actions to alleviate such risks.


We are committed to consistently meet or exceed customer expectations in construction work, service and delivery. We promote continuous improvement of customer satisfaction by maintaining and reviewing the quality and environment system on a regular basis.

Our management system and procedures exist to ensure that all the requirements needed to attain quality improvement are met.