C-17 Fuel Cell Nose Dock Hangar

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U.S. Department of the Navy

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Hawaii, USA

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General Contractor

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C-17 Fuel Cell Nose Dock Hangar

The design and construction of a 32,016 SF Fuel Cell Nose Dock Hangar serving as a maintenance facility to support the C-17 mission on Oahu consists of an aircraft hangar/nose dock, an aircraft fuel system maintenance shop, administrative space with audio/visual conference capabilities and other support spaces.

The facility’s function is to maintain the fuel cells in the C-17 planes with the capability of operating 24/7.  The site work included landscape grading and aircraft and vehicle paving.  The hangar features a 200 ft. wide, 6-leaf hangar door, with an aperture to seal around the tail of the C-17.   The 22,000 SF Hangar space includes necessary personnel life safety systems such as above wing fall protection, wet pipe fire sprinklers, a low level high expansion foam system, and facility emergency backup generator.  Mission critical items include 400Hz aircraft power supply, overhead monorail hoist, shop air, breathing air, Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) sensors and rotating ventilation booms for above wing maintenance.

Designed/constructed to achieve Spirit Bronze LEED rating, but not registered.

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