Consolidated Rental Car Facility (HNL CONRAC)

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State of Hawaii DOT, Airports Division

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Hawaii, USA

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General Contractor

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Consolidated Rental Car Facility (HNL CONRAC)

Started in November 2016, the scope of the HNL CONRAC project includes the demolition of the interim car rental facility and the construction of a permanent, consolidated five-level, 1,800,000 square foot facility at Honolulu International Airport. The facility includes a customer service building on the second floor, a ground transportation and quick turn-around service yard on the ground level, and 16 quick turn-around car wash areas, 68 fueling stations on levels one through four, ready and return car areas, and shuttle ramps on levels one through five. This is in addition to an entry and exit helix on the east and west sides of the building.

Offsite road work will include the construction of four new roads to help improve airport traffic flow. This work will also require a vehicular bridge and restriping of the surface employee parking lot.  The project includes the demolition of existing structures, utilities, and pavements, excavation of the site’s water plug shoring wall for the construction of a tunnel, installation of piles, footings, and foundations, in addition to the other construction. The entire project, which is being constructed to LEED Silver standards, is estimated for completion in March 2022.


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