Credit Agricole Egypt (Head Office Complex)

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Credit Agricole Egypt

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Cairo, Egypt

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Main Contractor

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Credit Agricole Egypt (Head Office Complex)

Credit Agricole Egypt (CAE) New Head Office Complex accommodates headquarters staff that were spread across different locations in Central Cairo.

The new CAE Head Office Building is located on a plot area of 51,334 m2 in New Cairo. The total built-up area of the project is 43,000 m2. The project is implemented on 50% of the area (26,667 m2), with a built-up area of 43,000 m2 . The building comprises two basements, a ground floor and three typical floors (one 14,500 m2 basement, a 10,500 m2 garden floor, a 5,000 m2 ground floor and 3 typical ground floors of 4,300 m2 each).

The building emerges from an oasis of palm trees. The strong, regular geometry of the building is contrasted by irregular shapes of the surrounding landscape elements, namely, the palm trees and large boulders.

The project has been awarded a LEED Golden Certification Building.

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