Kima Fertilizer Plant

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Egyptian Chemical Industries Co. “KIMA”

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Aswan, Egypt

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Kima Fertilizer Plant

The company was awarded the EPC contract for the provision of process licenses, design, engineering, procurement of equipment and materials, civil construction, erection, start-up, performance tests and training for a 1.20 SCM/day feed gas to the plant.

Natural gas will be the input of the complex plant which will consist of ammonia plant divided as follows:
300 Tons will be the input of the existing nitric acid plant under operation
The remaining amount of Ammonia production will be the input of the new Urea Plant under this contract

The plant will consist of two process units supported by an ancillary facilities unit:
Ammonia Unit: It has a design capacity of 1.200 MTPD
Urea Unit: It has a Design Capacity of 1.575 MTPD of Granulated Urea.

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