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Orascom Construction-Arab Contractors JV Inaugurates the World’s Largest Water Treatment Plant

29 September, 2021

Orascom Construction PLC (NASDAQ Dubai: OC; EGX: ORAS) announces the inauguration of Bahr El Baqr Water Treatment Plant in Sinai, Egypt.

Located on 155 feddans and executed by an Orascom Construction-Arab Contractors 50-50 joint venture, the water treatment plant has a capacity of 5.6 million m3/day and will treat water for irrigation purposes to cultivate 400,000 feddans in Sinai. Following the EPC scope, which began in full force in January 2020, the joint venture will operate and maintain the water treatment plant for 5 years.

Bahr El Baqr Water Treatment Plant has broken three world records as the largest water treatment plant, the largest sludge treatment facility, and the largest single-operator ozone generating plant in the world.

Orascom Construction is proud to be at the forefront of this important project that serves as an integral part of the development of the Suez Canal region and the Sinai Peninsula while marking tangible steps to move Egypt towards a more sustainable future. Not only does the treatment plant avail 2 billion cubic meters of water per year, it also effectively treats 490,000 tons of sludge in an environmentally friendly manner and supports ancillary industries such as fertilizers and building materials.

Furthermore, the joint venture successfully overcame various challenges ranging from adverse soil conditions to a condensed schedule despite operational difficulties related to COVID-19 while maintaining the highest levels of health and safety standards, exceeding over 22 million man hours without Lost Time Injury (LTI) and employing 6,500 people at peak construction.

This project highlights Orascom Construction’s strength as an EPC and O&M player in the water sector and positions the Group for further opportunities in this sector. OC’s water projects encompass the full spectrum including desalination, wastewater treatment, irrigation and water infrastructure. In 2021 alone, the Group has completed or is executing as an EPC and O&M player water treatment, desalination and wastewater treatment plants in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia with a total capacity exceeding 14 million m3/day.

Orascom Construction-Arab Contractors JV Inaugurates the World’s Largest Water Treatment Plant


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